When i'm 18 i can do whatever the F**K i want.

Jul 11
Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Amber Canty
Photo by yours truly

Amber Canty

Photo by yours truly


Jun 29

May 16

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all that jazz


all that jazz

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Apr 19
Skin and Bones

Skin and Bones

Mar 31

Mar 29


So the blacky gotta work twice as hard as the white slacky

Feelin like an inmate with my blue shirt and my tan khaki

For every one of their footsteps my equivalent is three

Wishin I could cheat, accepting my defeat

Press enter, my words have just been leaked..

Afraid of what they think…I wish I hit delete

Proof shown by the sores on my feet or the bags under my eyes

As time flies I fail to keep up with the ones that already got it

Or the brand new Jordans…hype niggas already copped it

Its always me tryna find a brand new scheme or master mind plan

But they all fail. I cease to see green in my hand

My palms are still dry and my mind is still high

Got cloudy dreams…but my wings won’t fly

Hold mom tight so her soul wont cry

Hold my head high so my pride won’t die

It will take a big brain to understand me, hard headed

Bars ready, think steady

I’m creative like a lefty and my ego is big like hefty

But it seems no one is willing to accept me

My past is unforgettable, my present…well it aint no gift

And my future…hard to find like a retro thrift

Emotions never the Earths plates they shift

But my spirits are like body builders they lift

And if I had one wish I wouldn’t make shit change

Cus’ if fate is real then everything is preordained

It will happen if its meant to be

But what will happen if all I see is misery?

Hoping the world wont precious me

I want a legacy

Washed out..I wanna feel it all around .Ecstasy

But steadily. I fail

Bars on my window like im locked up. In jail

Hell on earth is what your god gave me

Biggie smalls. My will is getting weak, some one save me

Mar 27

Mar 26

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Mar 25
Thought through sight

Thought through sight

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